Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 12:

Day 12:

Today was a long day: it was my first triple in a long time and I'm exhausted. So I'll keep it brief and focus on some more joy that I've found in my twenties.

Today's Top Five List is-

My Top Five Favorite Foods I Didn't Try Until My Twenties:

5. Sushi

I'm not going to lie, as a child if you would have told me that I would love eating raw fish, I probably would've gotten sick. I had a weak stomach and couldn't handle the thought. When I finally tried it however at the age of twenty-one and somewhat ironically in the middle of Montana, I loved it!

4. Calamari

It was a very unilateral story for these little guys as well. Now I go out of my way to try dishes that contain this succulent ingredient!

3. Chicago Style Hotdogs

I have a kind of cool mutation in my family. We "suffer" from what is called Super Taster Syndrome where for some reason our taste buds are four times more sense than the average human. As a result, I had to train my palette to be able to process multiple flavors at once and for a long time, couldn't handle things like ketchup, mustard and pickles together on a burger. I could do each of them one at a time, but not together. When I finally had worked my mouth into adulthood as well, this flavor profile was legendary and Its now my preferred method of consuming hotdogs! 

2. Cannoli

Sweet mother of goodness! Don't even read any further, just run out and get one right now!!!!

1. New York Style Pizza

This may seem silly because everyone loves pizza, and I did and do but let me tell you, all those earlier feelings were nothing compared to that first time that I took a bite of New York Pizza! I was always a pan crust kind of guy and where I'm from, most of the establishments that serve pizza are chains. Now I'm a complete and total convert to the slice you have to fold in half to eat, in fact I eat it far more than I should. But hey, joy is joy right? And should be cultivated.

-There were some very close runner ups and not surprisingly, most of them have to do with NYC. This town will change anyone's culinary prowess for the better. 

-I should also note that after my tongue got used to processing punches of flavor, I became very adventurous in food and still am to this day. That is something I am very proud that as well. After all, going from a child who preferred his burgers plain and on a plain bun with no condiments, to an adult who will try anything and can appreciate almost everything he's ever eaten is an accomplishment of note.

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  1. Ahhhh the childhood supertasteriness, sorry about that. Thank goodness you outgrew it!!! I never realized what an accomplishment the whole sushi thing was. Bravo to being adventurous!!! Bravo to being so worldly when it comes to the amazing cuisines that surround you in that glorious city!