Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 16:

Day 16:

I once heard someone say that obligations must be met and for the most part, I agree. (This gem was probably my father but I cannot remember exactly. He said things like this all the time.) That is philosophically something I have spent the majority of my adulthood trying to live.  I am a firm believer that promises should be kept, agreements should be fulfilled, contracts should be upheld and yet even now I am engaging in hypocritical behavior. 

Tonight's post will be short. The main reason: today was my only day off. My wife also had the day off. Spending time with her is something I need with every fiber of my being.  Work/life balance is something I'm still working on, as a living conundrum who is inherently a little lazy but also doesn't like sitting still.

In short, I'm writing this because I said I would and am living up to my obligations and deadlines, but feel guilty because four paragraphs is not the best work I can do and the perfectionist control freak that lives in my head is belittling me.  This is adulthood. This is actually what being an adult means: balancing opposing forces that could tear you apart in such a way that they don't.

The next five post will be other than me waxing philosophical. My twenties have been more than me learning a lot and realizing that I know nothing. Ah, adulthood.

Until tomorrow, dear friends!

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  1. The wisest of life's lessons- spend time with those you love <3