Sunday, March 20, 2016

My 30s: Day 1

An age that I never truly contemplated until recently is here.  Saturn has come and gone.  I have reached the start of a new decade, a new chapter of my life, and yet I feel the same.  I'm honestly a lot less hung over than I thought I would be (not at all actually... I guess those Fehring genes are showing through) and feel balanced and in-tune with myself.

I have spent this first day of my thirties, cleaning up from the party, fixing cell phone situations which involved a little bit of time travel, playing the piano and writing a little, and watching one of my favorite science fiction series.  All in all, with the exception of my poor wife having to work today, it has been a pretty marvelous first day of a new decade in my life.  

Tomorrow I will do some work at job four, and pack, then we will be flying home. I'm not sure where the time has gone.  To me, it feels like we were just starting to plan this trip and yet its now two days away.  Part of me feels like everything was just yesterday and yet ages ago.  The paradoxical dichotomy of the seeming passages of time is endlessly fascinating.

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