Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day 14

Day 14:

And now for today's countdown,
Here are my top five favorite positions I have held in my twenties.

5. Books and Briar

Ah my home town, well one of them anyway, had an adorable little mom and pap bookstore that also sold children's toys and tobacco. It was my dream job because I fancied myself a book guy and positions were hard to come by.  This was when retail was still a romanticized business to me. I loved that little place and am sad it doesn't exist anymore.

4. CWCUDoc Program
This was the sweetest gig I ever had! I checked in on two kids twice a day and got my apartment and all of my meals paid for as well as my toaster and a years worth of cleaning supplies after it was over!

3. MAT Cabaret Artistic Director
I did this job for a year and learned more than I ever thought possible about hierarchy, the importance of organization, and the art of theater itself. It truly was the best and worst of times!

2. Designer for Cutler Bros
This one meant a lot to me, not just because I was designing the set but because of the problem solving I accomplished. I turned an architecturally unique high school band room into a fully functioning performance space! I designed and created everything in it and am still duple proud!

1. FOH at the Public

I know it seems silly and doesn't pay the best, but this job has allowed me to see theater being developed! Not just any theater but Tony award winning theater and some of the best that I have ever seen! It has given me the opportunity to watch shows like Fun Home, Hamilton, and Here Lies Love come into being and evolve and I can't imagine a better way to hone my craft!

After all, what are we end the end of the day but a ball of feelings and marketable skills?

No we are what our experience teaches us!

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  1. Diverse experiences make for an amazing resume!!!